Week #7 Post- What I Want to do After I Graduate School

For my school post I would like to write about what I would like to do after I graduate collage. I would like to be a writer, a teacher, a piano player, or a fashion designer. I mostly want to become a writer out of all of them. I would like to write a big series and be a New York Times bestselling author. I really love reading and writing so this is a good choice.

If I was a teacher, I would rather teach first graders or 8th graders. It would be nice to have a relationship with students that used to be my age. I would have so much fun.

I love the piano. It has been my favorite insternment since I was 5. I love the sound of the piano and the clinking keys that make different octaves. Plus, I love music and singing, so a singer might work too. And my friends think I would be a good singer. Maybe have my own album.

The only reason a fashion designer is a choice is because I love designing things. I also love sewing and having people model the things I design. This is why I would enjoy being a fashion designer.

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These are jobs I want to have when I graduate collage.

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Writer Job








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5 Replies to “Week #7 Post- What I Want to do After I Graduate School”

  1. Marianne Ella says: Reply

    Hi Isabella!
    It’s amazing to find a blog where the author posts about something a reader has in common, don’t you think?
    I also want to become a writer most specifically an author. I love reading stories and writing them as well, I find it so much fun!
    Please come and visit my blog too at mariannella.weebly.com

  2. Thanks Marianne Ella,
    It really is fun to have someone like me who loves reading and writing. I believe that books and words are gifts, for they are very special.

  3. That is so cool that you want to be a writer. Also, piano is my third favorite instrument. I want to be an engineer after college. http://afascinatingblogbyjordanp.edublogs.org/

  4. This was really interesting to read. Your really good blogger by the way. I also like playing the piano! When I finish school I’d like to be a lawyer. I’d love it if you checked my blog out. http://fatimabms17.edublogs.org/

  5. Thank you both so much! I think a Lawyer is really cool. So is an engineer. I know a friend if mine who wants to be an engineer. It sounds like a neat job. My grandpa and some of my uncles are Lawyers as well. I will make sure to visit your blogs. Thanks!

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