Week #4-Bullying around the World


Bullying has been a big problem around the whole word. It happens at schools, social places, and online. People get bullied to the point where suicide or self-abuse becomes part of it. Dieter F. Uchtdorf said ” Hating, Ignoring, Gossiping, Ridiculing, Holding Grudges, Wanting to cause harm. Stop it.”  And he is so right. To judge someone by their appearance and difference is really rude and disrespectful. Bullying will always be in the world. We can not get rid of it fully. What we can do to help the cause is help those who are being bullied. Stand up for them. Help them out. Do not be part of the problem. This can cause less bullying everywhere you go. Be the brave one. Put a stop to bullying. Bullying Video

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Thanks for reading this post. I hope you took  every word I wrote seriously, and I hope you will help stop bullying. Comment below!



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  1. I am really glad you posted that video on your blog. If anyone goes on this blog page you need to watch it.

  2. isabella6pm says: Reply

    Thanks Amber. It was a good video huh? Love you Amber!

  3. Well done Isabella,
    Great post about a topic that needs exposure. It is too easy to bully someone nowadays and the bystanders are just as culpable as the bully if they don’t do something about it

  4. isabella6pm says: Reply

    Thank you Miss W.,
    I really tried to write about a topic that has been going on forever everywhere.

  5. I think that bullying is a very serious issue and I am glad that you addressed the issue on your blog. My school has a program called #icanhelp to help prevent cyber bullying. I love how you added a video, that is a very good idea. One question I have is, is bullying very common at your school or where you live? I would love it if you checked out my blog sometime! http://afascinatingblogbyrebeka.edublogs.org/2017/04/11/global-issue-racism/

  6. Hey Isabella, I think this is a great post! Bullying is definitely a huge problem around the whole world and it needs to stop. Visit me at http://afascinatingblogbyolivia.edublogs.org/ Thanks!

  7. Thanks both of you. I really think bullying needs to stop. I’ll be sure to check your blog’s out.

  8. I think your post is great bulling is a big problem. Can you please go check out my blog thank you
    My blog:http://shelby6.blogspot.com/

  9. I love how you care enough about this topic to write about and share awareness. It’s amazing that there are people in the world like you that want to stop it, and help others. I find it important to thank you for sharing awareness.

  10. Naomie Online says: Reply

    Hi Isabella!
    This is a wonderful post. I infact got bullied in my bus like about 2 weeks ago. We told our principal and he got punished, but he lives to houses from me. So I was scared. I was with my friends and I was safe. Bullying is the worst thing ever. We have to defend ourselves. Thank you for listening!
    Best of luck,
    -Naomie Online

  11. isabella6pm says: Reply

    Hey Naomie. I’m so sorry that you got bullied by that kid. You are so right. Bullying is the worst, and It’s brave to stand up to it. I’m glad that’s what you did. Thanks!

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