Week #5 Where is Sissy? Oh well, I’ll take over


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I’m back guys. But, I am a bit hungry. I think I might chill for a snack and write later. See ya!

Hello. I’m Eliajh, isabella6pm’s brother. I like hacking into my sisters blogging account. Just kidding, I had permission. My favorite color is blue. Same as my sisters favorite color. I am in 3rd grade. When I’m older, I want to be a grow-up president. Right now, I’m only kid president. I love Pizza. Pepperoni is the best. I kinda like reading. I like a book called The Bad Guys. I love Soccer and love playing boardgames. I don’t even mind math. One of the best things I do at home with my sister and brother is singing. I put on a Disney movie, and they will sing with me. We love singing the song Gaston. It’s fun. Wait… (creak) I hear my sister coming. I have to go now. Bye!

Thanks for reading this post. My brother had a fun time as you can see. I love him so much. Comment below on siblings you love, or if you want a sibling, would you want a sister or a brother? Thanks

                            Actual brothers writing.

5 Replies to “Week #5 Where is Sissy? Oh well, I’ll take over”

  1. That was so cute Hey can you tell your brother that I like blue to

  2. Love your creativity and humor, Isabella, and I can see that your brother is already quite a writer, too.

  3. Ya. He is isn’t he! 🙂 And thank you. I try my best.

  4. G’day Elijah,
    What a great post! Glad you didn’t really hack into your sister’s blog. What is your favourite boardgame?

  5. My brother Elijah said his favorite boardgame is Battle Ship. And he says thanks. He worked hard on the blog.

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